TOPAZ Direct Lending

Multifamily Centric Direct Lending Nationwide Sponsored by TOPAZ

TOPAZ Direct Lending*, (TDL) is a direct real estate-backed investment platform focused on originating 1st position bridge loans to professional real estate investors in the multifamily and mixed use space. This discretionary lending platform lends short-term, high-yield capital to real estate investors, thus providing strong, consistent and predictable returns. The platform does not own real estate directly but instead lends capital to real estate investors. This is a hybrid platform, having both Equity and Debt investment options. The underwriting, funding, and loan management is performed and managed by Topaz Direct Lending, TDL has a thorough underwriting process to make sure loans are only made to borrowers that have a high probability of success with the project/property and the ability to refinance the property if needed.

Quick. Flexible. Executable.

TOPAZ’s expertise in both debt and equity deals gives us the ability to properly identify the perfect property for your 1031 needs. Acting as the sponsor, TOPAZ will tie up the deal and work with our in−house lawyers to collect the information needed to prepare the exchange documents. Post−closing, TOPAZ will work with our regional property managers to manage the property while Asset Management is done in−house. Using our proven platform, you can be sure that your investment is in good hands. TOPAZ is able to structure and customize the exchange to fit your specific investment objective and will be with you all the way to make sure that objective is accomplished.
Loan Amount

$1,000,000 – $15,000,000 +


First Mortgage, or Deed of Trust, or Note Hypothecation for
Note-on-Note Financing

Asset Types

Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Special Purpose*


Acquisition, Refinance, Development, Repositioning, Renovation*


Stabilized, Transitional, Distressed


6 – 18 Months initial term
(3 year maximum,
including extensions)

Loan to Value

Up to 75% Loan to Capitalization / 95% Loan to Purchase Price*


Interest Only


Negotiable, 8.5% – 12%


1% – 3%


5 – 10 Days from Application


Minimal Prepayment Penalty


Non-recourse, other than standard “bad boy acts” or Recourse structure for higher risk transactions

*All multifamily property types considered, except owner-occupied residential. Longer terms and higher LTVs possible.

Direct Lending Process

TOPAZ Direct Lending provides fast, flexible, and reliable alternative financing solutions for multifamily and mixed use real estate investment-grade assets for our investors.
  • Loan is submitted to TDL for consideration
  • Loan is underwritten to ensure credit worthiness
  • Viable exit strategy is identified
  • TDL approves loan and circulates it to investors
  • Appraisal and Phase I ordered, if required
  • An efficient closing process is ensured by TDL
  • Closing documents are recorded and stored
  • Mortgage payments are collected and investor returns are disbursed monthly
  • Borrower’s exit strategy is periodically monitored going forward

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