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TOPAZ strategically invests in multifamily and mixed use communities in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States that provide tenants with a high quality of life and home for their businesses through a strong sense of community and abundance of amenities. Through these investment vehicles, we provide our investors with significant cash on cash returns, while also preserving and enhancing their equity over the long term. We invest with confidence in communities that are fulfilling for our residents, and strategic for our investors.

TOPAZ is primarily focused on major metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) both primary and secondary which demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy and a growing Real GDP.

TOPAZ’s expertise in both debt and equity deals gives us the ability to understand and unlock value on both ends of real estate projects and provide a major competitive edge in the market. The controlling managing members have over 50 years of collective experience in the real estate, law, and finance sectors in the United States.

TOPAZ repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate-to-extensive renovations and complete rebranding while also acquiring sub-performing and non-performing notes backed by predominantly larger multifamily real estate assets.

TOPAZ is recognized and respected by prominent industry professionals as an organization that values fair dealing, surety of execution and, above all else, integrity. This reputation has been built over years of successful investment activity, allowing TOPAZ to consistently identify, structure, and execute investment transactions with speed, decisiveness, and confidence from all parties. As a fiduciary, owner, and operator, TOPAZ takes great pride in delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investment partners while building thriving communities and improving the quality of life for its residents.

TOPAZ’s disciplined investment strategy focuses on staying “ahead of the curve.”


What We Do.

Capital Markets Advisory
Asset Management

“Topaz Capital Group is an industry-leading real estate investment firm with the ability and agility to expertly execute transactions in various, diverse U.S. real estate markets.”

- Michael Daniels, COO Cagan Management

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“TOPAZ Capital Group is an industry-leading real estate investment firm with unparalleled expertise and professionalism in capital markets, asset management, legal compliance, and investor relations.”

- A. David Lynd, CEO @ LYND Companies

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“TOPAZ is not only dependable and shrewd, but rather sought after for taking a fresh and energetic approach to institutional-grade multifamily real estate!”

- Lisa Massis, CEO @ Lofty Asset Management

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