Acquisitions Criteria

Our site selection and property acquisition team

TOPAZ  and our affiliates are always looking to acquire properties that fit into our investment strategy. If you have a property to sell and would like a buyer who can act quickly, purchase with no contingencies or delays, we may be the buyer you are looking for. We focus primarily on income and non-income producing multi-family properties in secondary & tertiary strong Class B markets with strong job and population growth.

Most of our properties are secured with competitive financing however, there have been circumstances where specialty financing is provided or partnership shares are transferred in lieu of mortgage with a strategic financing partner.

Offers a keen ability to identify and reposition transitional assets.

Simplifies the development process that is often subject to complicated and challenging architectural, financial, and legal barriers.

Effectively manages the many processes from investment selection and deal structuring to planning and zoning compliance to successful development and completion of projects.

Ensures long-term viability and profitability for every project selected and acquired.

Aims to maximize returns, with their extensive and unrivalled expertise in land selection, specifically focusing on areas of recent high growth.

Offers a keen ability to identify and reposition transitional assets. Constantly seeks multi-family and commercial development and repositioning opportunities, with or without permits and project plan approvals.

Site Selection Criteria

We’ve never failed to close a contracted deal—and our large roster of repeat equity investors and lenders enables us to move quickly on each transaction.

Target Property Types

Multi-family, Mixed Use, Bulk Condo Sales, Performing & Non-Performing, Note Acquisition


Stable cash-flowing with upside, opportunistic multi-family
development, repositioning and
value-added transactions

Deal Size
$10 to $200 million total project costs, but smaller and larger transactions considered

Acquisitions of 100% fee simple
and majority fractured interest,
partnership buyouts, and joint ventures on a selection basis


Workouts, foreclosures, partnership buyouts, sub-performing, and non-performing considered

TOPAZ 2022 Target Markets

Target Markets

• All MSAs across Florida with over 100K population (primarily across Central Florida and exceptions apply)

Unit Count / Deal Count / Markets:

• 3,000+ Units Portfolio-Wide• Acquire another $200 million of cash flowing and / or turn-key multifamily properties• 5+ Separate MF Garden or Midrise Deals• Enter 2 new markets: Tampa-St Pete. MSA & Naples-Ft Myers MSA• Diversify away from JAX & Northern FL and move more toward Central FL until South FL experiences a significant correction


• 85’ or Newer Product (Turn key, no heavy value add in this environment unless the deal is majorly distressed)• New Construction (low basis and below replacement cost cash flow plays in the best submarkets of each Florida Metro)

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