Topaz Ventures

Our Approach

Topaz Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in real estate and property technology. We invest as early as the pre-seed stage, and provide both the capital and the domain expertise necessary to support the growth of our entrepreneurs, and the businesses they work tirelessly to build.

What We Invest In

PropTech Sector

  • Pre-seed and seed companies with a target pre-money valuation of $25M
  • Early-stage capital efficient proptech startups in industries in which GPs have decades of successful investment experience
  • Geographic Strategy: North America (Sunbelt states preferred) and Israel (major cities only)
  • PropTech Market Size: $49B and climbing
Piggy Bank


  • We invest in PEOPLE and build authentic, personal and meaningful relationships with our Founders
  • We deploy catalytic capital into early-stage companies (pre-seed and seed)
  • Strategically invest in capital-efficient companies (in large-spend industries) with experienced founders/teams
  • Co-invest with strategic partners and established firms
  • Target investment portfolio: 20+ companies
  • Investment Range: $250K – $1M
  • Sweet Spot: $500K
Proptech is an umbrella term for companies exploiting cutting-edge technologies to provide new and innovative solutions that can be applied to the real estate industry and the broader property sector. Applications include transactions, leasing, construction, utilities, investor management, and asset management.

Our Team

Marc Hershberg

Marc A. Hershberg
General Partner

Etan Freidman

Joseph E. Freidman
General Partner

Complementary Skills, Aligned Goals, Long Term Relationships & Focus

“TOPAZ has been an excellent partner of ours. We cherish this relationship very much as they are an innovative and active real estate operator. Specifically Marc and Etan are super smart early adaptors and investors of proptech. They are wonderful people to work with, super connected and I'm sure they will become a huge asset for every proptech company.”

- Iri Amirav, Chief Revenue Officer @Skyline AI

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Our Advantage

Global Network
Global Network
Portfolio companies can capitalize on TOPAZ’s network of globally renowned subject matter experts. Topaz Ventures positions a network of industry leaders with a vast amount of business expertise in management, consulting, investment banking, venture capital, legal and more at the disposal of our portfolio companies.

Seasoned GPs
A investment committee of seasoned investment professionals with extensive networks and viewed as subject matter experts by the multifamily real estate industry

Relationships as a competitive advantage: Topaz Ventures provides executive coaching and focuses on building authentic, personal and meaningful connections with our Founders.
Multifamily Eco-system
  • As a “go-to” brand in the multifamily and residential real estate community, Topaz Ventures and portfolio companies benefit by utilizing and collaborating with TOPAZ’s diverse assets and their strategic partnerships already in place within the industry with access to 100,000+ units and millions of square feet
  • Provides early business support, regulation, and legal counsel to our portfolio companies
  • Enables pioneering Israeli and other foreign companies to expand into the North American (preferably Sunbelt States) market

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