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TOPAZ is excited to provide you with the latest updates and insights from our leading investment firm. Our team of experts specializes in innovative financial solutions that empower individuals and businesses to grow their portfolios and achieve their financial dreams. We prioritize transparency, trust, and open communication, ensuring that our clients feel informed and confident every step of the way.

A New Era of Operational Excellence for Multifamily

A new era of operational excellence has arrived in the multifamily industry! Check out this insightful article to learn how property managers are leveraging technology to enhance their operations and provide an exceptional living experience for their residents.

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We are thrilled to bring you insightful and engaging conversations with thought leaders, innovators, and experts in the world of finance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, our podcast offers something for everyone. Tune in and join the conversation!

Wealth Channel: Avoiding Costly 1031 Mistakes

Check out this informative TOPAZ TEN31 x WealthChannel video discussing how real estate investors can avoid costly mistakes when performing 1031 exchanges

Coffee Break - Marc A. Hershberg - Is debt the new equity?

In this “Deal Makers Coffee Break” episode, Marc A. Hersberg of Topaz discusses the current state of the real estate market and the shift from equity to debt investments.

Crestview @ The Cave with Special Guest: Marc Hershberg

The discussion featured Marc A. Hershberg of Topaz Capital Group LLC, and viewers had the opportunity to participate in live Q&A by submitting questions throughout the broadcast.

Navigating Market Fluctuations as a Multifamily Investor

This episode covers the current investment landscape in the world of multifamily with Marc A. Hershberg, CEO of Topaz Capital Group.

Capstone: Multi-Family Method, Episode 17 with Topaz

In this episode of Multi-Family Method, Marc Hershberg, Managing Partner, and CEO of Topaz, discusses his journey in multi-family.