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Some of our specialized services

Topaz Capital Group is an industry-leading real estate investment firm with the ability and agility to expertly execute transactions in various, diverse U.S. urban-core real estate markets.


Capital Markets Advisory

We work with our clients to provide unbiased and independent advice on capital market topics and issues.



We analyze and summarize the performance of your current real estate holding-(s) from a return on invested capital (equity) standpoint. 


Asset Management

We monitor and manage our clients’ assets using a systematic approach in order to improve the benefits, productivity, and efficiency in increasing their return on investment.


Our substantial portfolio allows us to help investors and owners obtain the most economical and extensive insurance coverage thus decreasing their insurance expense while increasing their coverage

Topaz Vertical Programs


 Quality Affordable Housing & Luxury Market Rental Assets


Quality Class A & Class B Office and Mixed Use Higher Rise Assets


 Quality Multi-Tenanted Retail Assets


Ground Up and Heavy Rehab Development Advisory

Acquisitions Criteria

Most of our properties are secured with competitive financing however, there have been circumstances where specialty financing is provided or partnership shares are transferred in lieu of mortgage with a strategic financing partner.

Our site selection and property acquisition team:

  • Offers a keen ability to identify and reposition transitional assets.
  • Simplifies the development process that is often subject to complicated and challenging architectural, financial, and legal barriers.
  • Effectively manages the many processes from investment selection and deal structuring to planning and zoning compliance to successful development and completion of projects.
  • Ensures long-term viability and profitability for every project selected and acquired.
  • Aims to maximize returns, with their extensive and unrivalled expertise in land selection, specifically focusing on areas of recent high growth.
  • Constantly seeks multi-family and commercial development and repositioning opportunities, with or without permits and project plan approvals.

Deal Parameters

  • Geography-driven to leading urban-core US markets; markets ranked and evaluated by our Proprietary Econometric approach
  • Cash Flow agnostic between performing or non-performing properties
  • Sweet Spot; $5 – $75 million acquisition
  • LTV (loan to value); 55%-75%, primarily non-recourse debt
  • CAPEX funded with equity
  • Total Investment (acquisition + capex investments) 50%-80% of Replacement Value/After-Repair Value

Why Invest With Us?

  • Productive and reliable US Monetary Policy.
  • Proven track record in both debt and equity transactions.
  • Strong reputation for renovating and redeveloping value-driven, market rate and subsidized residential buildings.
  • Progressive approach to residential development has defined TOPAZ’s unique position in the marketplace.

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