About Us

What We Do

TOPAZ Capital Group LLC (“TOPAZ”) is a private debt and equity real estate investment firm which focuses on the acquisition and development of multi-family and residential, mixed use properties across the Top 25 primary US urban-core and high-growth markets along the East Coast, Midwest, and Southeast.

Expansion of real estate markets requires additional capital, particularly in leading U.S. urban-core markets. Recently, the most common alternative offering to investors both inside and outside of the U.S. is diversifying their investment portfolio into leading U.S. real estate markets, which play a vital role in the ongoing development of U.S. urban markets. Due to these insecure investments, coupled with credit tightening in foreign markets, there is an increased demand for acquisitions and development in the top 25 U.S. Urban-Core Markets. TOPAZ has identified an opportunity in the marketplace to provide an attractive rate of return to both local and foreign investors looking to capitalize on the strong U.S. real estate market, while adding diversification to their investment portfolio.

What Makes Us Different

TOPAZ’s activities are based on the integration of investment capital from a wide community of both active and passive UHNW, Family Offices, and Institutional investors with operational control and ongoing management of the properties handled by its in-house qualified team of real estate professionals.


We make prompt decisions and close efficiently.


Our in-house team originates,
underwrites, and closes all transactions.

We have discretionary capital and no major outside investment committee. We make all investment decisions internally.
Our team of seasoned professionals has decades of combined experience structuring and executing transactions.
Transactions are structured to meet each investor’s unique requirements.

Our independent capital base provides execution certainty.