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Environmental Impact

As a responsible multifamily owner/operator, TOPAZ endeavors to reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating sustainability programs into its investment strategy. 

These programs not only protect the planet, but create value and generate attractive returns on our investments:

  • Recycled materials are the preferred choice during renovations
  • Units are updated with LED lighting and low flow fixtures, saving substantial kilowatt hours or energy and gallons of water across our portfolio

Social Impact

Social Impact

TOPAZ’s mission of revitalizing its properties with modern, functional amenities, enhanced technology and vibrant social programs has positively impacted both residents and the surrounding neighborhoods:

  • Health and social programming, as well as charitable and philanthropic partnerships have been implemented across our portfolio
  • Partnerships include the Salvation Army, Humane Society, Friends of Palm Beach, Women Rising Inc., and local food bank
  • Internet Cafes and Libraries at our property are to encourage learning and higher education​

TOPAZ is committed to building and maintaining a positive inclusive social and environmental impact for our residents. 

TOPAZ strategically acquires well-located, high-quality, cash flowing multi family workforce communities in the top MSA’s of the United States with a focus on the Southeast.”

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