Our Projects

In addition to our asset management expertise, our extensive real estate investment, development and day to day management experience enables us to assist in successfully managing the acquisition, financing, and asset repositioning of all our projects.

Below are some of our most recent highlighted transactions.

Topaz Villas JAX
Acquired in Mid 2019

5327 Timuquana Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Greenleaf Chicago
Acquired in Mid-2018

1638 W Greenleaf Avenue
Chicago, IL (North Side)

Calumet Chicago
Realized Investment - 40% IRR

5219–5225 S Calumet Avenue
Chicago, IL

South Street, Philadelphia

2214 South Street
Philadelphia, PA (Center City)

Times Square
Realized Debt Investment - 14% IRR

338 W 46th Street
New York, NY (Times Square NYC)

Lombard Street Philadelphia

128 Lombard Street
Philadelphia PA (Center City)